We all need a GPS. Be it to be late for an appointment, to easily discover a new region or even to avoid traffic jams, there are many reasons to equip it with your car. But our 3D GPS can do a lot more ...

Enjoy the latest version available

You need current map data so that you can find your way around more easily.

For this reason, all of the GPS systems you can find on our website have the most up-to-date maps (in addition to the latest route options). However, we also recommend that you update your map regularly, regardless of when the GPS was purchased.

Enjoy all the benefits of driving with GPS

Your GPS can completely change your driving experience. Provided, of course, that it is up to date. Our GPS offers everything you need to travel with confidence.

  • You get access to the best redirect features to avoid traffic jams and delays that can ruin your day.
  • You will no longer be surprised by speed cameras (more and more numerous on our roads) as they are systematically informed by our GPS.
  • Finding a gas station near you is easy. You also have access to real-time pricing for big savings on refueling.
  • You will be informed about free parking spaces at the destination before your arrival!
  • Get real-time traffic safety alerts to drive lights!
  • Our intuitive search engine helps you to find the shortest route to your destination faster.
  • Weather reports are displayed right on the screen and evolve based on your position on the route.

You can drive safely with our 3D GPS

Features such as 3D mapping as well as speech recognition and even a Bluetooth connection enable you to get the most out of your car journey.

Our GPS not only covers all French and European roads. But it also makes it easy to follow your route in 3D, which makes your driving experience even smoother and more fun.

Still not enough? Your new GPS will be happy to guide you thanks to community apps like Waze (where routes are updated in real time thanks to the millions of users in Europe).

Let's go on a journey with you!

There are never too many to drive safely! That's why we take you on the road and offer you a free update of your GPS for five years! If you have any questions about the installation or use of your GPS system, you can always rely on us! We can be reached with just a few clicks via our online chat.